Tuesday, April 25, 2006


hold it in your hands like
the undiscovered thing it is

look at the shape it takes
follow its curves and
shy folds

see how the colors move
within the form

gently, touch its skin
feel the warmth, the silkiness
the subtle scent that rises

listen to it breathe

now tell me
do you think you might
know what this is?


Blogger mermaid said...

A love affair with the self?

4/25/2006 1:00 PM  
Blogger Sky said...


4/25/2006 4:20 PM  
Blogger MB said...

Ah, you teach me things all the time, all of you. I had something more rhetorical in mind.

word verification: dogpoun

4/25/2006 6:56 PM  
Blogger Lori Witzel said...

Have used touch, sight, smell, hearing...hmm.

I may need to taste it to be sure.

Fun lovely gentle riddle.

4/25/2006 8:09 PM  
Blogger snowsparkle said...

a baby bird, with it's tender vulnerable pink warmth resting in you protective hands?

4/25/2006 9:43 PM  
Blogger Brenda said...

Everytime I read 'Encounter' I feel an image of something just born, a baby, but not a person baby because the skin isn't translucent to see "how the colors move/ within the form." Perhaps a baby bird, though that would be dangerous, being apart from its mother, and I don't get a sense of abandonment here. So I'm not sure. I don't want it to be organic at all, despite the breathe - rather the birth of a star that you are holding in your hands.

4/26/2006 6:19 AM  
Blogger Lhombre said...

It's a thought.

4/26/2006 6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was thinking that it is the palm of the hand, but I think that snowsparkle has the idea in her hands;)

4/26/2006 7:54 AM  
Blogger alan said...

My first thought was our kitten...

I love the hope you bring my heart when I get too caught up in current events!


4/26/2006 12:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I imagined that it was a person's heart. Even if we become so intimate with someone as to hold, touch, smell and listen to their love, perhaps there are still some mysteries therein that would remain unknowable. Yes, the infinite depth and sensual, multi-layered nature of the heart, is my favorite subject for this beautifully crafted description of an Encounter.

4/26/2006 7:22 PM  
Blogger Tongue in Cheek Antiques said...

You, take me to places with your words and spirit, that allow me to see such details of living and being, more clearly. Your words give direction, your way is a path my feet land upon...and I am willing to walk to seek to discover, ...this post is an example of your skill...the first thing that came to mind was: a dream.

4/26/2006 10:44 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

A chameleon?

4/27/2006 3:41 AM  
Blogger MB said...

I am having so much fun reading these comments that I hardly dare say anything!

4/27/2006 7:28 AM  
Blogger Sky said...

well, miss mb, you owe us! so spill the beans now that we have entertained you! ;)

4/27/2006 8:09 AM  
Blogger MB said...

Sky, you are making me laugh! Ok...

Well, I have to preface this with the fact that I really don't believe there is one absolute way to read a poem. Particularly a poem like this that provides ample room for interpretations! Even I read my own poems differently at different times. And then there may be multiple layers of meaning that become relevant to different angles of interpretation.

When I posted this, I did not intend that the question at the end be a question for readers to answer a riddle... although that became a very interesting process in itself! I think M. ou Mme. Anonymous (this may be the first anonymous comment I've ever gotten!) came hit the mark with the point that some mysteries remain unknowable, even under circumstances of intimate knowledge. That was what, for me, the final question pointed to.

Beyond that... what is it? In my mind, it was metaphoric exploration of a self, a heart, a thought, perhaps even a kind of dream... about the way that one discovers, interprets, and comes to know another person.

Thank you all for your wonderful comments. I was serious when I said that you teach me much. And I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this poem through your eyes.

4/27/2006 9:35 AM  
Blogger Sue hardy-Dawson said...

I thought it was inspiration, which can be any colour or shape, I'm glad you too think there are many ways to inturprit your poems, I think we all bring our own life experiences to whatever art forms we enjoy and that is bound to add additional aspects

4/27/2006 1:03 PM  
Blogger MB said...

Sue, inspiration would certainly fit in there, too. While there are always things the poet has in mind, I love the notion of the reader being able to enter into the poem on their own terms, to "wear it" as their own, so to speak.

4/28/2006 11:22 AM  
Blogger Amy said...

I just posted a poem by Niki Sixx about holding something in your hands, one thing you love inside yourself. So it's difficult for me to separate that poem's idea of a graspable, objectified love-of-self from the subject of your poem. That's waht I first thought it was.

I think the answer "a poem" could also answer the question.

4/28/2006 12:03 PM  
Blogger Sky said...

ohhhhh i like the idea of "a poem"...fabulous!

4/29/2006 7:38 AM  
Blogger MB said...

Me, too! Thanks, Amy and Sky.

4/29/2006 7:52 AM  
Anonymous Travis J. Morgan said...

Could it be anything other than the reflection of ones self?

5/01/2006 6:57 AM  
Blogger MB said...

Travis, you've got me pondering whether anything can be anything other than the reflection of one's self! Thanks for your comment.

5/04/2006 10:13 AM  
Blogger garnet david said...

Delightful and intriguing. And the comments became part of the poem.

5/13/2006 8:16 AM  

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