Tuesday, November 29, 2005


the sky is empty
no redtailed hawk to light it
with summer's gold heat

the finch is silent
winter wind steals through the wood
over the dry creek

earth looks for rain or
bits of dry snow drifting down
it waits open-mouthed

I'm headed out of town and offline for a couple days, back at the end of the week.


Blogger Mary said...

These haiku complement each other so well. And while each can stand alone with merit, the effect when they are read together is of a complete whole - a description of winter with an echo of summer. Nice to have you back Moose!

11/29/2005 11:55 AM  
Blogger MB said...

Mary, it pleases me that you read this exactly as I had in mind when I wrote it - that these 3 could function independently or together. It's nice to be back, thank you - but I'm afraid I'm off again, this time only for a couple days.

11/29/2005 2:43 PM  
Blogger Patry Francis said...

A perfect description of the mood of late November--the silence and emptiness. The expectation. You keep surprising me, Moose.

11/30/2005 12:08 PM  
Blogger mermaid said...

I like the last stanza most. The anticipation of spring...reminds me of of cultures that starve and thirst for the monsoons. Life and Death.

11/30/2005 4:05 PM  
Blogger Firehawk said...


These haikus are strongly linked with the images of birds and their impending winter. So often, I'm tempted to write summer haikus, but sometimes, the winter ones have a plaintive note you can't get with another topic.

11/30/2005 10:39 PM  
Anonymous Sara said...

Pretty. I like the first one best. I like the image of hawk as ignition.

12/02/2005 4:56 AM  
Blogger MB said...

Thanks, everyone. Wonderful to come back to your comments.

Patry, the world is a rich place and I love looking at it. There's juiciness everywhere, as you know well! I'm glad you enjoyed this/these.

Mermaid, I live in the desert, so there is definitely thirst here. Especially in me.

Firehawk, thanks. I suppose I do find it somewhat easier, generally speaking, to write about plaintive things than about positive things — mostly because I'm not interested in writing Hallmark cards — but I don't intentionally limit my scope because of that. Rather, I'm just looking for a kind of depth of thought or emotion in connection. Summer haikus would be fun, too — heck, there's so much out there in nature that you could do well in any season!

Sara, I like the hawk, too. If you ever watch a hawk, it's amazing how it seems (to me, anyway) as if they own the sky, they so belong there they almost seem part of it... which is how I came to think of the causal connection.

12/02/2005 12:28 PM  
Anonymous guile said...

it's a celebration of change.. especially when we feel it in nature's canvas.. beautiful words :)..

12/02/2005 6:42 PM  
Blogger feminine expressions said...

oh, what a beautiful beautiful poem and a lovely site. i am delighted to have found you through your comment to mermaid...

12/03/2005 8:18 PM  
Blogger MB said...

Guileless, glad you stopped by. You are absolutely spot on, I love looking at nature's canvas, and this was indeed a celebration of change. Today, the ground is covered in snow. No more thirst!

Feminine expressions, welcome, and thank you for visiting. I'm pleased that you enjoyed the poem.

12/05/2005 10:04 AM  
Blogger Anna Piutti said...

This is a very nice poem, and the last stanza is so powerful...

12/10/2005 12:16 PM  
Blogger MB said...

Anna, welcome! I'm pleased you stopped by. I've enjoyed your poems, too.

12/11/2005 12:01 PM  

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